1. To assist refugees and asylum seeker students who are pursuing tertiary education when there is a risk that due to difficulties experienced throughout their studies, particularly financial constraints, the students abandon their studies;

    2. To assist needy and deserving refugees and asylum seekers who qualify for tertiary education but do not have the financial means in exploring ways to source the necessary finances and other means required to study at tertiary education thus contributing physically, morally and spiritually in achieving their goal of furthering their education or resuming the studies they interrupted due to circumstances in their home country;

    3. To develop and strengthen links with Universities, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, non-governmental organizations, service providers, community based organizations, Churches, South African youth, South African communities, Government Departments, individuals and the international community, with a view to building awareness among them and those they serve about the needs, expectations and hopes of refugees and asylum seekers and especially those who are tertiary students so that they may choose to support the organization in its efforts;

    4. To enhance donors’ awareness about the challenges experienced by refugee and asylum seeker students with a particular focus on tertiary institutions.