Exec Committee

The UTRS executive committee (EC) comprise of a team of  refugees and asylum seekers, from different countries. The current team is a new team, having only stated their first term in office early 2012. The current EC is also diverse and interesting, not to mention passionate and ready to serve UTRS. Some are returning veterans to the field of refugee advocacy and education while others are equally skilled in other areas of refugee affairs and it is our pleasure to introduce them to you as below:



Fred Bidandi is former UTRS adviser and current Vice chairperson. A member of UTRS since its beginning, Fred has been instrumental in the success of UTRS, and is in fact responsible for making sure that bursaries are also given to refugee and asylum seeker students at certain tertiary institutions in South Africa. Fred has also written and presented several papers both locally and internationally on behalf of UTRS, many which has resulted in positive results for refugee and asylum seeker students in South Africa. Fred is committed to contributing to the progress of the UTRS and has been leading the fight for refugee students to get quick access to Home Affairs services, so that their studies do not suffer.

Fred has also been involved in the academic advising and tutoring of many refugee and asylum seekers, resulting in many of them passing well their subjects and graduating with honors in their degrees. Fred believes that promoting the academic welfare of refugees and asylum seekers is essential, as it will allow them in turn to contribute to their host communities and to their home countries upon return.  Fred can be reached via e-mail at: bidandif@gmail.com



Innocent Nahimana is also another founder member of UTRS and returning UTRS Secretary General. Innocent’s contribution to UTRS has been beyond measure, ranging from fundraising activities to community involvement, office duty, workshop facilitation, representing UTRS nationally, identifying new partnerships for the organization, assisting with registration of students at tertiary institutions, sourcing bursaries for refugee and asylum seeker students, and much, much more.

Innocent can be reached via e-mail at: gsutrs@gmail.com




Justin comes from the D R Congo. He taught Mathematics in the countries of the Great Lakes region as well as in South Africa. He holds a PhD in mathematics and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the University of the Western Cape.

Justin hopes that his passion for education will help him contribute significantly to the development of UTRS. Justin can be reached at 2482357@gmail.com